How to get FREE Wifi Tether Mobile Hotspot on your Droid Bionic!

So, here’s a way you can get FREE wifi tethering/mobile hotspot on your Droid Bionic so you don’t have to
pay Verizon twice for the same internet you are already paying for. I don’t know why Verizon would block this feature especially when you consider that there’s a 2GB cap on your mobile internet usage anyways. (Not sure about the 2GB cap btw, only for new 4G LTE users???)

Regardless, we can do a simple database hack on the Droid Bionic to enable free wifi tethering using Verizon’s own Mobile Hotspot app.

Step 1. You will need a rooted Droid Bionic.

Step 2. You will need to buy SQLite Editor app on the Market, it’s $2.99.

Step 3. Select “Settings Storage” with “”, there’s TWO of them select the one with the tools icon.

Step 4. Select “settings.db”.


Step 5. Select “settings”.

Step 6. Hit menu button then “Set_filter”.

Step 7. Type “check” and OK.


Step 8. Set value of “entitlement_check” to “0″.

Step 9. Reboot your Droid Bionic.

Step 10. Run Mobile Hotspot app.

Step 11. If it doesn’t work right away, try changing the Client(DHCP) start address to something else like:

Step 12. Enjoy your FREE mobile hotspot!

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Droid Bionic Reference
You will need a rooted Droid Bionic to install all ROM/kernels.
How to Root Droid Bionic!
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136 Responses to How to get FREE Wifi Tether Mobile Hotspot on your Droid Bionic!

  1. sapling says:

    If I make these changes and then unroot my droid for the time being will the change remain or have you not tested this yet?
    Also is there a way to do this without purchasing the sqllite editor application? Perhaps taking the settings.db file off the phone making the change and putting it back?

    • admin says:

      You can always set the value back to 1 when you unroot.

      I believe there is but it’s hard to do for an average Joe, SQLite editor isn’t that expensive and may be useful for future hacks.

      • Brandon says:

        I just took this procedure and applied it to Verizon’s Jelly Bean update for the Bionic. They didn’t fix the exploit. Everything is still exactly the same.

        Just wanted to let you know. You should update the title and other info so people can find this thread when they want to enable their wifi hotspot.

  2. Frank says:

    The hotspot app will not let anything connect.

  3. rex says:

    I can connect to hotspot but it does not give me internet access. It will not give me an ip address. I set the dchp to Still no internet access.

  4. Monica says:

    Having the same problem as everyone else…..

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  6. Chris says:

    If I do this, will Verizon be able to tell? Has anybody had any negative repercussions? If so, is there a workaround so that they can’t detect it? I really need wireless tethering, but am not willing to pay two different fees to get it, it seems criminal.

  7. Michael says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! no problems with following the directions

  8. Spencer says:

    How do we do that disguise you were talking about so that Verizon is unable to track our device from using the hotspot app?

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  11. Arthur says: doesn’t give me a connection to the net. any suggestions?

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  13. R0mb@s1c says:

    Works as advertised! Well done….
    I tried both Open Garden and Barnacle before trying this (both of those require the same “entitlement_check” change), but neither was able to allow a client connection. Interestingly, both of those programs automatically load the Mobile Hotspot app….but still didn’t work).

    For those of you concerned with Verizon Wireless charging you or cutting off your service…. so I got tired of assuming we would get in trouble for tethering and I just called Customer Service and asked them what would happen if I used a third-party tethering application that allowed me to connect my laptop to my phone WITHOUT their app and the extra $30….the rep told me that as long as I stay under the usage cap, I wouldn’t be charged anything…..I must have asked her 2-3 times point blank – if I root my phone, install an app that lets me tether, will you cut off my service and/or charge me the tethering fee….and she said “no” ….. whether or not she was telling me the truth is another story, but I am been on VZW for over 10 years so she had no reason to lie to me, and I thought she was being truthful

    My question is: the “entitlement_check” — is that value only called during the provisioning check? if so, then is it possible that the entitlement_check has nothing to do with the phone reporting tethering data usage (vice the phone’s internal data usage)…to my knowledge these are two separate data usage tallies that are reported individually to Verizon. Anyone know?

    For those having trouble — You MUST reboot the phone after changing the “entitlement_check” value

  14. rex says:

    Changed ip to and it worked.Couldn’t get it to work the first couple of tries and I read someone used this and it worked.

  15. Jason says:

    Just rooted phone. Problem getting Sqlite, but once you get it installed the rest is cake.
    Followed directions and worked perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  16. RakTekk says:

    Noob here, can someone please tell me how I can change the client (DHCP) address on the phone?

    Appreciate it.

  17. Jorge says:

    I’m actually “grandfathered” into the new contract, meaning I still get unlimited internet. Anyone have any idea if I can make a safe assumption that I am not limited to the 2GB cap if I do this? Thanks!

    • jerry jones says:

      I’m assuming you are on verizon, I asked that same question when I got my new bionic and they said I would not be limited to 2G as I was grandfathered in, and I asked twice to be sure the answer was the same and it was.

  18. Grant says:

    I have tried changing the DCHP address multiple times but nothing seems to be working. Is it because I am on the unlimited plan that it is not working? I have tried both the stock hotspot application, and the root app WiFi Tether. I am able to transmit signal and connect to it with another device, but always with limited access.

  19. rick smyles says:

    Have yet to attempt this hack, until I hear that someone has been able to get it to work who has the grandfathered unlimited plan? I have my old unlimited $29.99 data plan, and I want to hear a success story from someone who got 4G widow Hotspot working with this hack. Thanks.

    • rick smyles says:

      Wifi. Sorry. Not widow.

      • Rick Smyles says:

        Update – Followed STEP-BY-STEP instructions from this website on BOTH the 1 step root for my Bionic, and also the get free wifi and without a hitch, i have wifi working perfectly (without having to change my DHCP). And I have the old $29.99 Unlimited Data Plan on my Bionic. Everything working A-OK here. I did this at home where I only have 3G Coverage, but am heading to a 4G Area in an hour or so. Will let you know if this still works then.

    • bruce says:

      Late to this hack. I have the grandfathered unlimited plan, rooted with for3v3r root method. updated to the latest 893 officially released OTA and followed instructions including reboot and this worked perfectly the first time.

    • James says:

      I have Verizon wireless and have used this app a lot. Verizon can’t tell the difference between data on phone and mobile broadband. When you start a mobile broadband connection the phone sends a message to Verizon system saying it using mobile broadband hotspot/tether. If I’m correct the entitlement_check is basically the phone asking if it needs to check for the feature and send the message to the system to record as such. Zero means false so it just records as normal mobile data. Verizon doesn’t get the memo that your using the mobile hotspot app.

    • Brandon says:

      I have been running this hack for several months now, and nothing has changed with my service. I am grandfathered with the unlimited data and run about 25GB a month through my account. Most of that is through Verizon’s own WIFI App. Never gotten any kind of notice, threat, or anything. This is also working after Verizon upgraded my phone to Jelly Bean.

      Just follow the directions carefully, and enjoy your WIFI Hotspot.

  20. Rene says:

    Will this same method work for the droid x? I have a friend that I just rooted his dx and is now getting the vz hotspot popping up on his phone when activating either wifitether or barnacle.

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  22. Eric says:

    Everything worked flawlessly for me. It looks like if you follow some simple instructions everything should work like a charm. I didn’t have to change the client address or anything.
    I am grandfathered into the Unlimited plan.
    Here is my speed test result over 4G.
    ,a href=””>

  23. Al says:

    I had the same problem, i had to change the DHCP address, but the trick seems to be that after you change the DHCP address you have to reboot the phone and then try again. It’s working great now.

    Thanks MAX

  24. Slave One says:

    With regards to Verizon catching it’s customers unofficially using this feature, is it pretty safe to assume that…

    A.) …with the potential data available to an LTE connection, Verizon would have a difficult time deducing that a certain amount of data was used by, say, 2 or 3 devices as opposed to one heavy user or even just one heavy session of an otherwise light user.
    B.) …Verizon more than likely looks for spikes in Data usage that could in no way come from one phone.
    C.) …Verizon wouldn’t even waste it’s time monitoring for Data spikes for users on limited plans as ultimately they are responsible for overages anyway?
    D.) …Verizon instead focuses on the usage of those with Unlimited Plans
    And finally:
    E.) …a user could more than likely avoid detection by being mindful of Data usage at any given time.

    • James says:

      I responded to someone a few post up. Basically Verizon can’t tell your using mobile broadband service. If you have unlimited don’t even worry. They don’t care to check up on you. They actually worry more about limited plans then unlimited because you can’t rack up a huge bill and get mad. So they don’t bother watching you. I used to work for Verizon as a technician.

  25. metalbabble says:

    there’s a free sqlite browser i found in the app store called “db browser” that did the trick as well. worked fine for me, took a couple restarts but works beautifully with 4g! thanks for the great article!

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  27. casey225 says:

    I have tried this and rebooted phone at least ten times now and only get local access on the bluetooth network, no internet connection. Have changed start ip address to *.42.2, 22.2, and 1.2 without success. Anyone else still having problems or found additional solutions?

  28. casey225 says:

    I have rebooted at least 7 or 8 times now, have used start ip addresses *.42.2, 22.2 and 1.2 without any luck. I get local connection to bluetooth network but no internet connection. Anyone else still having problems or found additional solutions?

  29. casey225 says:

    Sorry for the double noob post. For any others making what is an obvious mistake to more experienced users, if you have your bluetooth connection on, you cannot connect to the droid hotspot.

  30. Jay says:

    OMG!!!!! Thank you so much. I just got the bionic and didn’t realize that it was all blocked thank you for all the info. I now have my mobile hot spot yay!!!!

  31. Christopher says:

    Anyone know if this exact hack will also work for the Droid X? I have the Droid Bionic, and it works perfectly, exactly as the instructions say and it works fine. I’m able to connect everything, up to 10 devices to my phone, and they all work flawlessly. So I don’t know where people are having issues. But the question is, has anyone tried this on the Droix X? There is another hack you can use on the Droid X, but requires “Android Wifi Tether” app which works half as well as the actual Verizon Wifi. I have a friend with a Droid X and was going to try this on his phone, but need to know if it’s actually possible. Please advise~!

  32. dustin says:

    did this just like the video, altho my phones 3g connection is no more, doesnt exist, haha….help?

  33. Thanatoz says:

    I ran this hack exactly and now have lost my data connection on my phone altogether. Restored the Line 147 back to “1″ and reboot and still no data. I can connect to the hotspot, get a IP address, but no Inet obviously because I have no data connection on the phone. Any help would be appreciated.

  34. leone02 says:

    Question: By using this hotspot or even Verizon’s official hotspot will I or will I not incur data usage to my plan?

    I was under the impression that when I use wi-fi i am not using the data that has been allotted in my plan.

  35. Mark says:

    I purchased the app (SQLITE Editor), but it dosent allow me to go thru the menu structure as indicated on the video. I’m only allowed to choose database files.. Do I need to root the phone prior to running the apps?
    Any help would be appreciated..

  36. Ben says:

    Worked flawlessly using only the directions in the article! Thanks! Grandfathered unlimited plan, but no 4g in my area yet :(

  37. Mark says:

    thx ..
    I’m running Ver 2.3.4, not sure if the new OS is the issue I have with rooting my new phone..
    Has anyone successfully rooted their phone with the latest OS?

  38. Scott J says:

    Works great and I’m having no issues other than the known data drop with the Bionic. Just got 4g yesterday in my area, download and upload speed are averaging 10 Mbps.

  39. Merc says:

    This caused my 3g not to work…. any suggestions??

  40. Nick says:

    This worked like a charm. Just remember to reboot after the change. I downloaded a torrent of Jurassic Park on my laptop though the Mobile Hotspot over my 3G connection. Didn’t even take that long. Also, I’ve been in a 4G area and in some spots the 4G is better than my wi-fi! This hack is extremely useful when combined with the 4G network. Thank you very much.

  41. Jon says:

    Bionic owner here… I recently did a return to stock rollback then root via Pete’s 1.06 and then used the root explorer perma root edit. I then upgraded to the leaked .893 radio upgrade, etc. Thereafter I did the SQL edit to enable the mobile hot spot feature. It would not work… UNTIL (after trying a lot of things that did not work) I finally added the MAC Address as a specifically allowed device (versus “All allowed”). It then started working. I’m not sure if Verizon is implementing a change in the pending OTA, which was leaked (radio upgrade) but if this is the extent of the change it continues to be exploitable.

  42. I simply couldn’t depart your website before suggesting that I extremely loved the standard info a person provide on your guests? Is going to be again continuously in order to inspect new posts

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  44. D says:

    Worked great! Thanks for the info.

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  46. Jonathan says:

    It worked!! This is what I’ve been looking for since I got the Bionic! This find made the $2.99 for SQLite Editor far more than worth it!

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  48. Chrome says:

    Your instructions on rooting and enabling the hotspot were spot on. I took my time and went through both processes in about 30 minutes. I am a rookie to this stuff and even I found it easy. Thank you!

  49. Ian P says:

    I did everything in the video exactly as it said, i have restarted my phone at least 10 times, and have used a bunch of different IP addresses. My computer shows internet through mobile hotspot but i can never actually use the internet. Bluetooth is off so thats not it, Im outta ideas any help would be awesome

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  51. joshuaz71 says:

    the root was fast and easy with your instructions, i have a rooted bionic and free wifi… thx man

  52. joshuaz71 says:

    Just rooted my Bionic, this is my first droid phone and its rooted and has free wifi thanks to these instructions, again thanks for everything

  53. wesley says:

    Thanks so much!!! it was very easy. I rooted my Bionic and had the wifi hotspot going all in under 30 minutes.. Its so nice to have an unlimited data package too. ftw!!!! :-P

  54. Leshak1991 says:

    I have a rooted droid bionic and with the tether hack all working good but after alittle
    Bit of tethering and my 4G/3G turns off?! Anybody else have that problem and is there anyway
    Of fixing it?? Thanks

  55. Demiroquai says:

    This is perfect. I’ve been using this for months. Will this also work on a Droid 3?

  56. Lee says:

    Just upgraded from rooted Droid X to a now newly rooted Bionic. My question is I have the grandfathered unlimited data. Does that still apply with this hack being as its using Verizons own app? Or will I be capped at the 2GB limit? On the DroidX i used the Open Garden app and couldnt get any device to connect and this hack works for me. Just dont wanna get charged more money from the greedy Verizon gods!! thx for any reply in advance.

  57. Grooen79 says:

    Works for me, but word of advise… Give the phone some time to make the connection. I get “Limited Access” for a minute or so then get the full connection.

  58. Riot Points says:

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  62. DJRumbero says:

    I want to say thanks to the person who did this video. I bought a brand new unopened box Droid Bionic online at a GREAT GREAT price. The same day I got it I followed this video instructions to root my phone and it worked on the first try. Also, I installed wireless tether wifi_tether_v3_1-Beta_10 and it is working perfect. I did this 2 days ago and so far no issues at all. I did not have to do anything else not even buy the SQLite app. THANKS AGAIN MAN FOR THIS VIDEO!!! I switched from HTC Thunderbolt which I never had any issues either……just couldn’t pass the great deal i got for the Droid Bionic.

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  64. m0th3r says:

    Worked perfectly on my Bionic without making any changes to the DHCP address! Thanks!

  65. software says:

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  67. Stephen says:

    Followed step by step instruction and attempted all the different DHCP addresses and all of them connect, but none of them actually have an internet connection. Again, my device shows it is connected to my Bionic, but doesn’t access the internet. Any help?

  68. You know thus considerably in terms of this matter, made me in my view imagine it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men are not interested until it is one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs nice. Always deal with it up!

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  71. Damon says:

    A few months ago I followed detailed instructions SOMEHOW from following a link (I believe on this page) using DB Browser. I can’t for the life of me find that link now. Can anyone help?

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  73. luap91740 says:

    my Driod Bionic is not rooted according the SQL Editor app. How do I Root it?

  74. Jeff Albaugh says:

    Question: In order to do this, do I have to pay for a Data plan with Verizon at all? Also, will it work for two more phones as well? Help!

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  76. Drew says:

    I am all for supporting SQLite and buying the app however there is a free version. AndSQLite 1.1, it doesn’t include the filter but if you scroll to #147 you can change the check to “0″. to get mine to work I had to reboot 2-3 times and change the ip but it worked.

  77. kj says:

    This works for motorola droid 4, just did it great work thank you

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  79. Rudy says:

    Just did, couldn’t get to work with any of the suggestions that I actually read. Changed to, reboot and CONNECTED. WOOT!

  80. Jessica says:

    I just changed the value with sql and rebooted and it works fine. Whats the status on vzw being able to determine if you are bypassing hotspot charge?

  81. bean11 says:

    Worked on one try. Tried to use barnacle but it wouldn’t work. This is awesome. You rock.

  82. fieryy-AA says:

    What is the best laptop to buy ..?

  83. Kris says:

    Worked great. Went ahead and set the IP Range to 1.2 on the first try just to be safe. Way easier than the Droid X gingerbread mods.

  84. Jeremiah says:

    I just got my new cpo boinic in the mail from verizion. I rooted and then installed sqlite.

    Problem : there is no entitlement_check record in my system.db

    Has anyone had this problem?

  85. bruce says:

    it works droid bionic vzw will find a screw around for us.

  86. Col. Sanders says:

    Still seems to work, as of 5/2/12! A few things to note:

    -DO NOT use the “Restart Now” button when you change settings in the Mobile Hotspot app. It always locked up on me and would hang on a blank white screen.
    -After you set a new IP address start range, select “Restart Later”, turn off the hotspot, exit the app, and reboot.

    I have been having trouble with DHCP using OpenGarden and Barnacle, but maybe setting the range and then rebooting could be an answer?

  87. netaloid says:

    Worked like a charm 5/16/12 following exact instructions in the post. Rebooted once, that’s it.

    Thank you Sir!

  88. Bruce says:

    Worked great…i saw the video change the channel to i did. It didn’t work, so i put it back to 6 and it worked fine. I saw/read somewhere there is a way block verizon from seeing it is being used as a hotspot…not sure this is needed, but does anyone know?

  89. bp says:

    Thanks, this worked great. I have what may be a silly question. Does this method affect OTA upgrade to 905 which is currently asked. The reason I ask is that everytime I try to upgrade if fails. I have rooted of course and am running 902, but cannot upgrade. I have not removed bloatware or frozen any apps. But, I have read if any system files are changed then the upgrade won’t work. If it affects being able to upgrade can I undo these changes, upgrade and then re-do the changes?

  90. Kimmy says:

    Question! I have a limited data plan on my Droid (4gb), if I do this will that matter? Will I be able to cruise the internet without racking up gigs and my cell phone bill?

  91. paul says:

    Would this work for an LG Lucid? I can’t seem to find where the entitlement check option is located at. TIA

  92. david says:

    please update for ics.

    sqlite gives me an error and does not change anything

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  101. David says:

    Hey Guys just wanted to verify. Just tried this on Driod Bionic 4.1.2 Jelly Bean! Worked flawlessly. Had to re-root my phone after Verizon’s update last week, and PDAnet stopped working. Thanks so much. Fyi you can root your Bionic running Jelly Bean using instructions from “”

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  113. JThomas says:

    I getting an error trying to open settings.db

    An error occured while opening the database. disk I/O error (code 3850):,while compiling:
    SELECT * FROM sqlite _master WHERE type in (`table’,`view’)ORDER BY name

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  114. Joe Snuffy says:

    With DB Browser you don’t need SQLite Editor. Just download the DB Browser app from the android market and follow the steps in the link I posted above. It worked for me on the first try. In fact I’m using mobile hotspot right now!

  115. JThomas says:

    Thanks for the reply. couldn’t locate your earlier instructions post. please provide the link.


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